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StaffPlan is a unique auto enrolment solution
Auto Enrolment



What if I do nothing?

Q: And if I miss my date?

A: You may have to pay heavy fines!

It is essential that Auto Enrolment is taken on board fully and appropriately as failure to comply will mean employers face the potential following


  • A “Wake up call” fine of £400
  • 50-249 employees up to £2,500 per day
  • Persistent offenders will have escalating fines
  • 250- 499 employees up £5,000 per day
  • 5-49 employees up to £500 per day

Businesses who consider that their staging dates are not yet a priority should take the time now to learn about Auto Enrolment and the effects it will have on them. STAFFPLAN has been designed to assist employers to meet their needs well in advance so that they can continue to run their business in the meantime with the confidence of knowing that when their time comes they will already have the necessary solution in place (and with a known cost).