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StaffPlan is a unique auto enrolment solution
Auto Enrolment



What are my next steps?

Q: What are my next steps?

A: Follow some simple and straight forward steps


  1. Complete Your Staff Plan Master Trust Document - this sets up the trust that will hold the pension contributions and guarantees that you will have a scheme that meet Auto Enrolment regulations
  2. Complete Your Employer’s Application - this ensures that we capture all of the information that we need to set up the scheme
  3. Review Data Capture Document- this is an example spreadsheet of the employee information that we will require prior to your staging date - we can accept this in a variety of formats - contact us for more information
  4. Direct Debit form


  • Provide a certificate- this shows you have an appropriate scheme
  • Set up the trust
  • Provide you with a web portal
  • For reserved schemes this concludes the process until at least 6 months prior to staging. We will contact you and advise you of the requirements at that point. These are included below for active schemes
  • We will prepare the auto-enrolment population
  • We will notify all staff who will be auto- enrolled and advise them of their rights and how they can view their benefits
  • All other eligible employees will be notified of their rights and we will manage their responses
  • We will provide you with management information to complete appropriate deductions from payroll on a basis to suit your payment patterns
  • We will manage any other questions you have regarding the running of the scheme via our website and dedicated helpline.